It's Time for Nature


  • Mr. Malik Amin Aslam
    Federal Minister / Special Assistant to Prime Minister

    Pakistan is privileged to be hosting the World Environment Day this year which not only brings global focus on to nature protection but also triggers the UN decade on “Ecosystem Restoration”.

    Pakistan is a country which is treading the pathway of nature-based solutions in its efforts to heal the fractured relationship with nature. The flagship initiatives of planting “Ten Billion Trees”, expanding its terrestrial and marine protected areas and launching the “Recharge Pakistan” project to divert floodwaters towards reviving degraded wetlands are all practical on ground manifestations of the science of restoring ecosystems.

    The world has no other option but to get off the current warpath with nature and use it as an ally to confront the global challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss. The next decade is critical as the path we take now is going to shape and define the ecological sustainability of the next century.

    Let’s all strive to make it the decade when the world got together to restore its ecosystems and reset its balance with nature.

    Join the Government of Pakistan for the celebration of World Environment Day 2021 "it’s Time for Nature"

  • Ms. Zartaj Gul Wazir
    Minister of State for Climate Change

    Land degradation has exacerbated the climate crisis and leading to the loss of biodiversity and key ecosystem services such as clean air and water. It jeopardizes food security and increases the risks of violent conflict and migration. New initiatives have emerged around the world to protect and restore degraded and deforested lands and novel financing schemes have also emerged to sustain terrestrial and coastal ecosystems. New initiatives are also focusing on giving nature an economic value underpinned by the understanding that Nature is global life support system.

    On this World Environment Day, we must celebrate the potential of nature to solve global problems we are facing including Covid-19.

    Join Government of Pakistan for the celebration of World Environment Day 2021 "it’s Time for Nature"

  • Ms. Naheed S. Durrani
    Secretary, Ministry of Climate Change

    Pakistan is hosting the World Environment day this year and as we speak the celebrations are about to start across the World. We are carrying the theme of “Eco-system Restoration” with a lot of commitment. Infact Restoration, Repair and Re-alignment with Nature is at the heart of all the major interventions undertaken by Pakistan. The Prime Minister of Pakistan is leading the Nature Movement from the front.

    Pakistan’s biggest work on Nature is the Ten Billion Tsunami Project which in reality is an “Ecosystem Restoration Program, a long term restoration program involves-

    • Restoring the degraded forest lands
    • Strengthening and expanding the “Protected Areas”,
    • Expanding the Marine Protected Areas with emphasis on mangroves; on conservation
    • Restoration of the Wetlands and many other diverse ecosystems that the country has

    Also, Pakistan has started a strategic shift towards Clean Energy by gradually moving towards Renewables; introduction of Electric vehicles, and adopting better standard fuels

    What is important is the fact that majority of these interventions are “people centric” and there is a very sensitive emphasis on involving local communities’ women; youth for gradually creating a Green Economy.


27 May, 2021

09 : 00 AM - 12 : 00 PM

Launch of Waste Wise Cities Tool in Pakistan for Clean and Healthy Cities and Oceans

Makhniyal Forest

PM's Plantation Event

31 May, 2021

10 : 00 AM - 01 : 00 PM 02 : 00 PM - 04 : 00 PM

Consultative Workshop on Policy and Action on Waste and Plastic in Pakistan

05 : 30 PM - 08 : 00 PM Constitution Avenue, Islamabad

Diplomatic Cycling Event and Launch of First EV (two wheeler and four wheeler)

01 June, 2021

09 : 00 AM - 12 : 00 PM

Webinar: Exploring Funding Opportunities for Effective Ecosystem Restoration in Pakistan

02 : 00 PM - 04 : 00 PM

Climate Finance Action Plan - Roundtable Discussion

Serena, Islamabad

Launch of Green Bond

02 June, 2021

Event on Glaciers, Mountains

11 : 00 AM - 01 : 00 PM

Mountain Ecosystem Restoration

02 : 00 PM - 03 : 00 PM

Event on Pakistan Clean Air Programme/ Air Pollution

03 June, 2021

PM House

Launch of Blue carbon Report and MPA

09 : 00 AM - 10 : 30 PM on ZOOM

IWT Hub launch

02 : 00 PM - 04 : 00 PM

Roundtable the World Environment Day on Indus Delta

04 June, 2021

00 : 00 AM - 00 : 00 AM

Virtual Launch of Ecosystem Decade

00 : 00 AM - 00 : 00 AM

Webinar: Sustainable Nitogen Management for Ecosystem Restoration

05 June, 2021

Convention Center

Celebration of World Environment Day / Ecosystem Restoration Decade

04 : 00 PM - 06 : 00 PM on ZOOM

Recharge Pakistan - Panel Discussion

00 : 00 AM - 00 : 00 AM

Display of Floats on roads in Islamabad and ending at D Chowk

07 June, 2021

01 : 00 PM - 03 : 30 PM

Launch of Climate and Environment Conservation Campaign/ Red Alert

03 : 00 PM - 05 : 20 PM

International Webinar on Ecosystem Restoration

08 June, 2021

11 : 00 AM - 12 : 30 PM

Children and Ecosystem Restoration

09 : 30 AM - 10 : 30 AM

NDCs Revision and Implementation

01 : 00 PM - 06 : 20 PM

Seminar on "Restoration of Eco Systems for Quality of Life"

09 June, 2021

01 : 00 PM - 03 : 00 PM

Webinar on Role of Biosphere Reserves in Ecosystem Restoration

10 June, 2021

01 : 00 PM - 03 : 00 PM

Launch of Sanitation and Water for All Country Roadmap

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