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Secretary Message

Ms. Naheed Shah Durrani

Secretary Ministry of Climate Change

The Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Project is not only helping restore ailing ecosystems and improve natural capital; it is also supporting livelihoods. Pakistan has so far created employment opportunities for over 183,000 people since the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, Pakistan’s protected areas initiative will create almost 7000 long-term jobs and aims to employ another 200,000 people to drive the afforestation effort. During the 1st Phase, the project has successfully planted/regenerated a total of **** plants throughout the country.

Through his nature conservation efforts, Prime minister Imran Khan has promised to plant 10 billion trees across the country and restore more than a million hectares of forest. The enormous project aims to increase resilience to climate impacts like extremes of rainfall while absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere.

In the long run, this initiative would help transition towards environmentally resilient Pakistan by mainstreaming adaptation and mitigation through ecologically targeted initiatives covering afforestation, biodiversity conservation consistent with the objectives outlined in Pakistan’s Nationally Determined Contribution.